The system allows worshipers to receive real-time information on a variety of topics and updates:

  • Prayer times.
  • Times of the day (according to Magen Avraham or GRA).
  • Events, Hilulas.
  • Gemara lessons.
  • Memorial dates.
  • Presenting donors.
  • Brit Milas, bar mitzvah, Shabbat Chatan, etc..
  • And any other information that may contribute to and consolidate the relationship between the worshiper and the synagogue.

Each media panel or television allows for dozens of rotating small windows, which can be edited quickly and easily!

A digital billboard system for synagogues is a pleasant and user-friendly system, developed especially for you and which does not require experience with computers at all!

* We provides our experience and knowledge in implementing digital signage systems.

* Moreover, ANS Tech will give you the tools and knowledge you will need to give your synagogue a professionalism and modernity.

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