The digital billboards offer worshippers real time information regarding various topics and updates:

  • Prayer times.
  • Time of day (according to Magen Avraham or Magen).
  • Events, Hillulas (celebrations).
  • Gemara lessons.
  • Memorial service times.
  • Displaying donors.
  • Brit, Bar Mitzvah, Shabbat Chatan times.

Any other information that may contribute to strengthening the bond between the worshipper and the synagogue.

Each media board can display multiple changing screens that are easy and quick to edit!

The digital signage for synagogues is a nice, user-friendly system that was developed especially for you and that does not require any computer experience whatsoever!

 *We offer you our experience and knowledge in integrating digital billboards at your institution.

 *We will give you the necessary tools and knowledge to give your synagogue a modern and professional look.

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