Smart Meeting Room

The smart meeting room system can control:

  • Projectors
  • Audiovisual and multimedia systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Electric curtains and blinds
  • Electric projection screen
  • Air conditioning system
  • Network connections and laptop computers
  • Conference audio or video systems


A smart and convenient control system, which can be run using  a digital system, touch screen, tablet or smartphone, or an analog system, buttons.


Advisability and advantages of the systems:

  • The systems are reliable and user-friendly, and have proven themselves with hundreds of smart meeting room installations.
  • Possible changes and future development: flexibility in building and customizing the system to the user’s changing needs.
  • A unique system that enables centralized control of all the meeting rooms.
  • A modular system tailored to every budget and customized to the customer’s requirements.
  • The customer is eligible for a system-specific service and warranty package.
  • It is possible to incorporate other products our company has developed or those of other leading companies in the industry.

User experiences:

The impression on the meeting’s participants that the efficient and advanced operation during the meeting creates enables the company to generate an image of thinking ahead, superiority over its competitors, and technological savvy.

The open software makes it possible to conveniently and effectively customize it to the user’s requirements.

A friendly and easy to operate interface makes it possible for anyone to operate the system without having to learn or be familiar with the system beforehand.

Smart meeting room – easy, convenient, and impressive.


A must for every meeting room.

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