Queue management

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Q-Active Queue Management System

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QActive – The solution to queue problems. Digital system for optimal customer management!

Q-Active is a smart and friendly system that offers a comprehensive service and queue management solution at customer service centers.

The system upgrades the customer experience from the moment of contact with the business in the call scheduling process, gives full intent to wait as the right one, and enables optimal service delivery within the shortest time.

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Maximize and optimize customer service

A smart and friendly system that provides a comprehensive solution for managing the service and queues in public reception centers.Optimize and improve the quality of your service with advanced tools, statistic segmentation, and visualizations dashboards.

Customer experience and digital advertising

make customer waiting time pleasant, with a relevant and variety of information.

A convenient, prominent and innovative way of conveying messages to all customers and employees.



Q-Active Queue Management System is based on advanced digital technologies in service and crowdfunding centers.
The system is flexible for adjustments and developments.

Queue management system

A digital system for advanced personal service 

Lengthy or disorganized queues can cause customers to leave the queue. Moreover, when customers are not given immediate attention or when the service provision systems are inefficient, your business may lose important customers. Reputation is known to be one of the main reasons for a business’s success and it largely depends on the quality of service the business provides. If you do not plan customer wait times properly, if you have not considered how your business gives service, if you are losing customers or striving to give personal service to each and every customer, ANS Tech suggests you move to an advanced queue management system.

The solution to lengthy queue waits

From the moment they enter your business, each customer is given personal and attentive service. This service directs the customer to wait in the appropriate queue and to receive service in the shortest time possible.

Moreover, ANS Tech’s queue management system gives your customers immediate and effective attention regarding any question or problem during the wait, using rich and effective information. In order to enrich your customers’ wait time, the system displays a variety of video clips and pictures, Internet content and updates that have been customized to the nature of your business and the services you provide.


Maximizing the service given to each customer

Thanks to ANS Tech’s digital management systems, you will be able to know at any given moment what the average time it takes to serve each customer, to check which of your employees gives the fastest service and handles the customers most efficiently, to manage your customers’ wait times, and to maintain a good reputation for your business.


Satisfied customers come back for more service!  


ANS Tech’s queue management system gives you the option of staffing each station according to its professional purpose and based on the various employees’ capabilities, in order to give customized and professional service to each and every customer.