Digital signage

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Digital signage system - MEDIACTIVE

Managing your information and advertising today is easier than ever!

The MEDIACTIVE system is a digital signage system consisting of smart and innovative software, developed by ANS Tech, which provides a convenient and friendly interface for presenting relevant information and content for any field, and with the ability to update the content at any time by the user.

Our system is suitable for a variety of solutions, as access information for disabled and costumers, advertising signage, upgrade your business to innovative design and more.
The system is suitable for a wide range of business types and needs, for example:

  • Business signage screen for information or guidance.
  • Information screens in academic institutions for the purpose of presenting relevant information to students or faculty.
  • Shop screen to display products you want to promote.
  • A menu screen for the restaurant to display the dishes visually and prominently.
  • Advertising screen for additional revenue and product advertising.
  • Digital billboard for use in a variety of fields.
  • A wide variety of digital signage solutions with complete flexibility at the customer’s request.

Our system is a powerful and effective multimedia tool that delivers important information to a large number of people in real time, by incorporating high-level TV  screens.

All of these advantage are to provide to our customers highest product quality with a high level of customer service.

Display information with cutting-edge technology

Easy, prominent and innovative way for presenting messages to all customers and employees.

Tool for promoting ads and advertising a wide range of topics.

Signage on digital advertising screens

The system can provide you all the benefits you are trying to get when you want to advertise.

User friendly and convenient Digital Signage

MediActice system of digital advertising for business is a user friendly and convenient system and yet very advanced and offers many options.

Our company has over 20 years of experience in the industry, reflected in a wide range of solutions tailored to our customers’ changing needs and requirements.

We specialize in a wide variety of the multimedia world and in particular:
–   Queue management system   –   Digital signage systems   –   Command and control systems  
–   Smart podiums & lecturers’ tables   –   Smart meeting room systems   –

Our solutions provide the best possible service, reliable and suited to our customers’ needs and requirements.