Command and Control

With over 10,000 customers and more than 20 years of experience

Command and Control

ANS Tech’s command and control systems are ordering the mess in your systems, simplifying operations and making systems work in wonderful synergy.

With smart and wide range command and control systems you can have local and central control over all multimedia and electrical systems in halls and auditoriums, classrooms, meeting rooms and more.

Comprehensive end-to-end solutions, tailored to our customers’ needs and changing requirements. With the help of command, control and monitoring systems, you can control lighting, audio system, TV screens, electric projection screens, projectors, air conditioning and more.

Among our services:

Command and control systems – Consulting, implementation and programming of command and control systems according to customer needs.
Advanced multimedia solutions and equipment – Working with a wide range of multimedia vendors.
Smart Lecturer Position – The Lecturer position / Podium is tailored to the changing demands of our clients with a particular emphasis on human engineering, ease of operation, friendliness and reliability.
Smart conference room – Easy, comfortable and impressive. A must at every important meeting.
Connections panel – The Connections panel allows the user convenient and aesthetic access to a very wide range of interfaces.
Local or central projector control systems – management and control of all projectors in study complexes.


Service and reliability

Reliable and user-friendly systems, which have proven themselves with more than tens of thousands systems installation all over the country.

User experience

By integrating product engineers, our systems provide a user experience that raises the question “How we have worked so far without the ANS Tech system?”

Cutting edge technology

Reliable and innovative service, while cooperating with the leading importers and manufacturers in the market.
Flexible and advanced systems in both hardware and software.


Our company has over 20 years of experience in the industry, reflected in a wide range of solutions tailored to our customers’ changing needs and requirements.

We specialize in a wide variety of the multimedia world and in particular:
–   Queue management system   –   Digital signage systems   –   Command and control systems  
–   Smart podiums & lecturers’ tables   –   Smart meeting room systems   –

Our solutions provide the best possible service, reliable and suited to our customers’ needs and requirements.