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פאנל חיבורים מהיר, media dashboard - PL,mini PL,USP, רשת, RCA, VGA,ethernet,25pin,9pin,HDMI,video

Quick connect panel

Quick connect panel - Makes order in a mess on the connection panelSo many connections, so many wires, so much mess! Thanks to a custom panel of connections from our…

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ניהול תורים - חברות שונות סופר

Queue management system

Medical Centers - Queue Management for hospitals and medical centers waiting rooms Schedule and Queue management - Financial centers Schedule and Queue management - Audience reception center Insurance company  Schedule…

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חדר ישיבות החכם של חברת ANS Tech

Smart meeting room pic

Main screen for the app - with a background imageControl multimedia systems easily! With the proliferation of projector types and multimedia equipment in classrooms, lecturers are reluctant to use them. …

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