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ANS Tech Ltd. provides and develops multimedia and computerized solutions for educational institutions, hospitals, government institutions, high-tech companies, financial institutions, and more.

Our company has over a decade of experience in the industry, which is reflected in a wide range of solutions that are tailored to our customers’ changing needs and requirements.

Our solutions provide the best possible service that is reliable and suited to our customers’ needs and requirements.

Our company’s uniqueness is that we employ computer software engineers, systems analysts, and industrial engineers on the one hand, while directly employing integration professionals, procurement and installation teams, on the other hand.

Thanks to this wide range of professional input, we are able to provide an integrated system that is tailored to our customers’ needs.

The foundation of our success and the heart of our company is the vision to provide the most innovative multimedia solutions in the country, and to uphold our commitment to our customers, CIOs, and employees.

We place special emphasis on promoting education and making it more accessible throughout the country, while developing unique tools in this industry.

We conduct every step according to the values ​​that guide us: integrity, respect, cooperation, excellence, and leadership. These values ​​embody the character of ANS Tech. They allow us to have safe and effective systems with the help of quality employees and products. These values ​​are the basis of our commitment to customers, and our ceaseless dedication to bring about significant change.

ANS Tech Ltd. provides the following services:

– Smart podiums and lecturers’ tables, which control the audio-visual equipment and save energy consumption of the products and minimize their wear and tear

– Digital signage systems for high–tech companies, educational institutions, businesses, etc.

– Smart meeting room systems

– Accessibility systems for the handicapped

– Command and control systems – local and central

– Power saving systems for classrooms and meeting rooms

– Digital signage systems for synagogues

– E-learning systems

– Voting systems

– Sale and installation of projectors, smart boards and interactive projectors, sound systems, etc.

– And more

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