About us

With over 10,000 customers and more than 20 years of experience

ANS Tech Ltd. develops and provides multimedia and computerized solutions (Software and Hardware) for educational institutions, hospitals, government institutions, high-tech companies, financial institutions, and more.

Our company has over 20 years of experience in the industry, reflected in a wide range of solutions tailored to our customers’ changing needs and requirements.

Our solutions provide the best possible service, reliable and suited to our customers’ needs and requirements.

Our company’s uniqueness is that we employ computer software engineers, systems analysts, and industrial engineers as well as integration professionals, procurement and installation teams, on the other hand.

Thanks to this wide range of professionals, we are able to provide an integrated system that is tailored to our customers’ needs.

The foundation of our success and the heart of our company is the vision to provide the most innovative multimedia solutions in the country, and to uphold our commitment to our customers, CIOs, and employees.

We give special emphasis on promoting education making it more accessible throughout the country, while developing unique tools in this industry.

We conduct every step according to the values that guide us: integrity, respect, cooperation, excellence, and leadership. These values embody the character of ANS Tech. They allow us to have safe and effective systems with the help of high quality employees and products. These values are the basis of our commitment to customers, and our ceaseless dedication to bring about a significant change.

We believe our customers deserve the most advanced products and the highest quality service.


ANS Tech Ltd. develops and provides software, hardware and services:

    • Queue management system, accessibility and tailored to customer needs.
    • Digital signage systems for high–tech companies, educational institutions, businesses, etc.
    • Digital signage systems for synagogues, show times of prayers, memorials, announcements and more.
    • Smart podiums, lecturers’ tables, information stations (Kiosk) which control the audio-visual equipment. save energy consumption and minimize the products wear and tear.
    • Smart meeting room systems, video conference and control of all the power in the room.
    • Command and control systems – local and central.
    • Power saving systems for classrooms and meeting rooms.
    • E-learning systems for recording lectures and watching online lessons at anytime and anywhere.
    • Software development tailored to customer requirements including installation, implementation, maintenance and training.
    • Sale and installation of smart controllers, screens, projectors, smart boards and interactive projectors, amplification equipment, sound systems, etc.
    • Consultancy, service, support, implementation and project management.
    • And more..


Some of our Clients:

Government Institutions – Knesset Israel, Foreign Ministry, Defense Ministry, Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Education, Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Housing, Nature and Parks Authority, Embassies and more.

Medical Centers, Hospitals and Pharmacies – Hadassah Ein Karem, Assaf Harofe, Ziv, Fourier, Soroka, Tel Hashomer Shiba, Shaare Zedek, Meir, Clalit, Various Optical Eyes, Sharap Plus, Normand Center, Rafael Medical, Marom Medical Services , Mahon Ivhun, Hala medical, panoparm and more.
otels and Retirement Homes – Leonardo, Anyway, Holiday Inn, Harlington, Ramat Rachel, Mashan, Mansion and more.

Education and Education Institutions at 90% Level in Israel – Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Bar Ilan University, Ben-Gurion University, Ariel University, Technion, Tel Aviv-Jaffa College, HIT (Holon College), Engineering College, Jezreel Valley College, College Western Galilee, Shaarei Law College, Jerusalem College, Rufin College, Afeka College, Lewinsky College, Ohalo College, Sapir College, College of Management, Arab College, Efrata College, Kay College, Fraternity College, AMET Network, Wingate Institute, Faculty of Agriculture , Orot College, Peres Center, Academic Center for Law and Business, RG, Education, RBD, InMind and more.

Municipalities, councils and water corporations – Givatayim, Hod Hasharon, Elad, Haifa, Modi’in, Or Yehuda, Kiryat Malachi, Rehovot, Ness Ziona, Beer Yaakov, Nesher, Kiryat Yam, Kiryat Bialik, Nazareth, Rahat, Pelgi Motzkin, Mi Ono, Rot Shfaram, the Nazareth Mountains, the third well Rehovot, Elaine, Miyakum, the Galilee, the Modiin, the Acre, the Sharon Springs, Ein Karmim, the stove K-Shmona and more.

Financial Centers, Culture, Companies and Enterprises – Mizrahi Tefahot Bank, EL AL, Clal Insurance, Pensions, Pension Funds, Dan (Buses), Brinks, Taldor, Office Depot, Beyonce, Nahariya Mall, Magalcom, MAGR , Milgam and Metropolitan, Arden, Yad LaBanim, Tel Aviv Museum, Haifa Chemicals, ICL Chemicals for Israel, Rotem Ampert, Bromine Compounds, Phenicia Glass Works, Sanmina-SCI, Lehavim Technologies, Rotem Ampert, Flextronic, L’Oreal, ComSign and Comeda, Elite Center for Sports, Leisure Society’s Directions, Ness Ziona Educational Institutions and Cultures, Kadra Rishon LeZion, Safed Cultural Center, Rashi Foundation, TAA, City of David, I-CHANGE Currency Exchange, GIA Diamond, Holon M And Torres and more.

Synagogues and Midrash – many synagogues all over the world, Yeshivot and Midrashim.

And many others.


With us you can continue to be a leading business without obstacles, which our hundreds of satisfied customers will testify to.


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